Are you opting for a more simplistic/smaller wedding and don't feel you really need to pay for 2 professional photographers? Whilst I understand, here is why I believe in having a team of two professional photographers on a wedding day.

We can capture more real moments when there is a 2nd photographer. For example – during your ceremony I’ll likely have my second photographer stay in the back to cover a “safe” angle, meanwhile, I will sneak quietly around the sides, focusing on your faces while you say your vows, your family’s faces to catch any of their emotion, etc.  It’s much harder to do this if I have to worry about running to the back of the church so I don’t miss the the first kiss!


We can capture events happening in different locations. Many couples want to maintain the tradition of not seeing each other before their ceremony, so there is a chunk of time at the beginning of the day that they’re in different places. I can’t be in both places at the same time, as much as I would like to!  The anticipation and excitement before your ceremony are moments you won’t want us to miss! So I usually stay with the bride while my second photographer hangs out with the groom or arrives at the ceremony early to capture guests arriving etc. As much as we prefer working as a team, there are usually going to be times during the day where it’s more practical for us to split up in order to capture everything that is important. If you only have one photographer either the end of the bride getting ready will be missed or the guests arriving at the ceremony, groom welcoming everyone etc.


A second photographer captures different angles of the important moments. Like walking down the aisle. I want to capture the brides face. My second shooter can capture the grooms face. The photos are more varied when I have a second photographer, so we can each really focus on the moment we’re capturing. Think also about your cake cutting or first dance – I will be positioned to get the best shot of you two, while our second shooter has the freedom to capture the reactions of your guests etc


A second photographer can help me prep for epic photos. While I finish photographing something, they can scout the next location and start preparing lighting if needed. Sometimes they’ll pose so I can test the lighting on them, making sure my camera settings are perfect before the couple even steps into the photo. It’s these behind the scenes duties of a second shooter that make them such a valuable asset to my team.


A fresh set of eyes means you’ll have more creative photos. Every photographer captures things from their unique perspective. I also ask my second photographer to purposely use different lenses and angles when shooting. Having two photographers is the best way to ensure we’re providing complete coverage of your wedding day!



They make group photos go so much smoother! The second photographer will know how I work and how I like to shoot family formals; I give them our list, and they gather the next group “on deck” while I am shooting. They also help look for things like crooked ties, necklaces, and hidden faces too. This saves times and means your family and wedding party will be happier.



They are a backup for all things big and small. If I need to go to the restroom, I make sure they know they’re in charge of capturing everything. Or if anything terribly last minute happens to me the day of your wedding that physically prevents me from shooting (this has never happened but I'm a believer in B plans), you will never be left without a professional photographer. This backup alone gives all of us much needed peace of mind!

My own experience, as well as my desire to provide superior experience, service, and photos for every couple I work with, mean I very highly recommend that you have two professional photographers on your big day if budget allows.

Questions about second shooters? Please let me know!

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