Our Style


We love to focus on natural, real, candid moments as your wedding day unfolds. Our goal is to create a visual story so that when the viewer looks at our images and wedding films, they feel as though they are part of the wedding day, experiencing everything for themselves. 




We will discreetly cover every aspect of your wedding, capturing all those raw moments and emotions that happen in a heartbeat. You will be far too busy having fun to notice us! 



Candid wedding photography and videography means capturing all the special moments that occur.

It's these magic moments that make every wedding different and full of beautiful excitement.




Candid wedding photography can lead to powerful, poignant images that you will treasure for a lifetime. 



Natural Vs Structured


If you have a look at our portfolio, you'll notice that a lot of the images are portraits. Some are posed and some aren't. However, they are usually focused on a certain stylistic aspect to create a picture that is visually appealing.





In these photos we have intervened in minor ways - such as directing the couple to a particular location, into great light or occasionally helping with a natural-looking pose. 



Once the couple looks great stylistically, we wait for a natural moment to press the shutter button. These are 'structured moments' - where we have provided a little bit of structure for the natural moment to occur. 



Although we show these photos in our portfolio, portraits are actually only a very small percentage of a wedding day. During the rest of the day we will focus on capturing organic, magical moments. 

Magical Moments

While it might be the structured photo of you on the beach that will get enlarged and framed for your living room wall, it's usually the magical moments that are treasured forever. 

That moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time...

That moment when your sister gives a speech that you will remember forever... 

That moment when your dad sees you as a bride for the first time... 

That moment when you held hands for the first time as husband and wife (and your husband's dad in the background has to pull out a tissue to wipe his tears away)...

That moment when your guests make you laugh so hard you can't even stand up...

That moment when the registrar is taking so long to fill to the paperwork that there's an awkward silence during the ceremony but one of your guests breaks out into an amazing fospel song and everyone stands up and starts singing and clapping... 

That moment when all it takes for your mum to break down in happy tears is for the music to start playing before you walk down the aisle... 

That moment when he takes his first steps... 

That moment when your little sister realises you are now married... 

That moment when you said 'I do.' Or at lease tried to...

In my humble opinion, these are the photos that really take you back to your wedding day years after it has passed. They remind you of how you, your family and friends felt at that exact moment in time. You probably missed most of these moments as they happened, so having a record of them is priceless. 

This was just a small collection of photos that captured the laughter, the tears, the smiles, the hugs. I hope you enjoyed them as much as us.

Leslie x


We limit the number of weddings and events we capture each year to ensure

our couples have the best possible experience. 

Please contact us as soon as you have confirmed your date & venue

to confirm availability.

*Limited dates left available for 2019 & 2020*