Do you travel for shoots?


I travel back and forth all the time between Europe and the USA for shoots with my clients. As a general rule, I aim to cover the wedding 'season' in both locations, as they are at different times of the year. But please get in touch with me; and I will let you know my exact schedule.



Since you travel between Europe and the USA for shoots, does this mean you charge an extra fee for flight expenses?


No, I do not charge for flight expenses, just the session fee. But please lock your date with me as soon as possible. Due to the travelling, my schedule often gets booked many months in advance.



Are you able to meet up with us before our shoot?


Definitely. I would prefer meeting you before hand. Just let me know and we will set up a time and place to suit you.



I would like a professional album created with my images, do you offer that service?


Yes, I do. All the options can be found in the Bespoke Albums page for you to choose from.



How long will it take to receive my images after the shoot?


With all the excitement, I know it is hard to wait for the photos! I usually send a selection of teasers within the first week and you will recieve the rest of the photos no later than 30 days after the date of the shoot.



I would like to share my images as I wish, is that possible?


It's good to share! Once you receive the images you will have a shared copyright agreement. That means you can share them on social media and make prints as much as you like. You just can't use them commercially without asking me first.



How long will portrait sessions last?


Somewhere between 1 and a half and 3 hours is a good average. But I am not one to look at my watch. I offer my clients as much time as it takes to get an amazing set of images to work with.



How many images will we receive?


For a wedding you will receive between 400-600 images. For a portrait session between 40-50. Once again this is an average and if I have more images, of course, you will receive them. 



How would you describe your style?


I like to capture candid and real moments, as this almost always produces the best result. There is nothing staged about my photography. When the spontaneous smiles and laughs emerge, this is when I'm shooting the most. My goal is to capture raw, real emotion with perfectly framed light and background, which then creates an image that draws you in and remains precious throughout the years.



We would like to book a session, what should we do?


Great news! In order to reserve a date, I require a deposit of 15% and the rest of the balance is not due until a month before the shoot.