Because we are able to freeze life's happiest moments for you to remember again and again, even decades into the future. Almost sounds like magic doesn't it?

Can you tell me more about the owner of this studio?


Sure, I'll try not to take too much of your time. My name is Leslie Hunt (nee Choucard). I was born and grew up in Paris, France. 

Growing up I enjoyed horse-riding, painting and singing. But the hobby I practiced most was golf. What started as something to do after school in the 6th grade became a passion and after 8 years of hard work and dedication I earned a full scholarship to Flagler College in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida. From there I decided to put my degree in Graphic Design and Photography to good use while also satisfying my desire for more travel by moving to Barcelona to work for a creative agency. Another year, another beautiful city and when my contract ended I moved again to London where I discovered an amazing, vibrant culture.


Moving around meant I wasn’t able to see the people and visit the places I had left behind. But the photographs and films I had captured transported me back in time and allowed me to relive those moments as many times as I wanted. 10 years of experience in photography and videography means I am now able to capture the most precious moments in my clients' lives.


I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you one day!


-  Leslie x


We limit the number of weddings and events we capture each year to ensure

our couples have the best possible experience. 

Please contact us as soon as you have confirmed your date & venue

to confirm availability.

*Limited dates left available for 2019 & 2020*